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MongoDB & Cogniflare

MongoDB and Cogniflare’s tools and techniques are supercharging Europe’s most exciting brands to drive faster data migration journeys.


MongoDB for Modernization

The Cogniflare team specialise in application development, cloud migration, data engineering, data science, analytics, big data and more. With lean methodologies, Cogniflare delivers solutions to complex business problems using MVPs to land fast and efficient scale. These solutions empower and accelerate large-scale data migration for the world's biggest brands.

Cogniflare are experts with Apache NiFi & Kafka, softwares designed to automate the flow of data and provide a unified, high-throughput and low-latency platform.The Cogniflare team have also developed their own unique product set; Kyra, Calleido and Spoko. These offerings plug gaps in the market, leveraging greater synergy between cloud providers and data governance platforms.

Cogniflare are masters of digital transformation and cloud migration—and their expertise has crystallised into reusable templates and playbooks.

Cogniflare also offers identity and access management, security stack patterns, automated application deployment patterns (CI/CD and DevOps), MongoDB and workload compute profiling patterns, and a modern application stack with MongoDB and BigQuery.


Calleido connects data, and makes it easy for clients to get insights and drive business outcomes.

With autoscaling and distributed deployments using infrastructure as code, Colleido runs on Kubernetes to support multicluster deployments, be they multicloud or on-prem. It also supports CI/CD, serverless (Google Cloud Run), and ETL (at some level of transformation). Colleido boasts the ability to externalise transformation using Google Dataflow, Google Datafusion/CDAP as well as to work with orchestrators such as Airflow & Argo Workflows.

Get Started Quickly with MongoDB & Cogniflare

MongoDB and Cogniflare can rapidly accelerate data migration journeys and digital transformation, there’s no reason to wait around - visit the Cogniflare website to get started and request your free initial consultation with our architects