Modernize Your Apps When Migrating to the Cloud

MongoDB is providing resources to accelerate application modernization projects

Use this guide to select applications, review best practices, and design best-in-class, production-grade, migration frameworks that will simplify data synchronizations from various relational database management systems (RDBMS) into MongoDB.

MongoDB Modernization Scorecard

Presentation on the Methodology of Data Modeling

RDBMS to MongoDB Modernization White Paper

MongoDB and Google Partner To Drive Enterprise Cloud Modernization

As organizations across the globe are assessing how to leave their on-prem data centers and modernize their infrastructure by moving to the public cloud, we have made it easier for customers and partners to migrate legacy workloads into MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud.

MongoDB System Integrator Accelerators

To accelerate modernization projects, MongoDB is partnering with the below organizations to provide tools that help customers and partners move from RDBMS to MongoDB.

MongoDB Technology Partners

Confluent can be used for both one-time and real-time data synchronization between legacy data sources and MongoDB

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Optimize DataOps and manage your data life cycle with Arena’s turn-key governance and automation capabilities to modernize data into MongoDB

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Simplifying Data Science with Iguazio and MongoDB: Modernization with Machine Learning

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High-performance ETL, ELT, ingestion, synchronization, and replication into MongoDB for a multi-cloud world

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Use this no-code visual interface to ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare data for migration from relational databases to MongoDB in cloud or on-prem environments

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Watch how Informatica and Hitachi help accelerate data modernization from RDBMS to MongoDB

Building a Modern Mobile App?

See how we're working with out Realm Partners to modernize mobile and web apps.

Additional Resources

For more on how to migrate your data, and to hear from who has done done it already.

Watch Steve Meyer, Principal Director at Accenture, discuss how Smart Data Mover enables customers to modernize from RDBMS to MongoDB