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MongoDB 5.0 and Rapid Releases: Guide to What’s New

MongoDB 5.0 and the 5.1 Rapid Release make it even easier for you to support a broader range of workloads, introducing new ways of future-proofing your applications, and further enhancing privacy and security. Key highlights include:

  • Native time series

    collections, clustered indexing, and window functions make it easier, faster, and lower cost to build and run applications like IoT and financial analytics, and to enrich your enterprise data with time series measurements.

  • Live Resharding

    allows you to change the shard key for your collections on-demand as your workloads grow and evolve — with no database downtime or complex migrations.

  • The Stable API future-proofs your applications. Starting with MongoDB 5.0, you can consume the latest features at your own pace and won’t need to change your application to accommodate any new behaviors introduced in the later versions.
  • MongoDB’s unique Client-Side Field Level Encryption now extends some of the industry’s strongest data privacy controls to multi-cloud databases.

Highlights from the 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 Rapid Releases include:

  • Time series enhancements

    including support for sharding, data densification, gap filling, columnar compression, & delete operations. Time series collections deployed in Atlas can also automatically archive data to Atlas Online Archive.

  • Richer, more flexible analytics

    with cross-shard support for $lookup (joins) and $graphlookup (graph traversal). Aggregations that write the results of the pipeline to a collection (e.g., updating a view) can now execute on secondaries and then direct the output to the primary, enabling more comprehensive workload isolation for analytics queries.

  • New operators

    including accumulators to compute items based on their place in a dataset and $sortArray to sort the items in an array.

  • Improved C# experience

    with a redesigned LINQ interface and a MongoDB Analyzer for .NET. Improved resilience with faster initial sync via file copy, speeding up the process of adding new replica set members by as much as 4x.

  • MongoDB’s unique Client-Side Field Level Encryption will now work with any KMIP-compliant key management solution.

Download the white paper to learn more about these and all of the new capabilities and improvements.

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