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Mobile Edge Computing: Realizing the Benefits of 5G with MongoDB and Verizon 5G Edge

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5G is beginning to unlock new opportunities for bold innovators in one sector after another. By using the power of 5G networks and pairing that with intelligent software, customers are beginning to embrace the next generation of industry across smart manufacturing, automotive, and agricultural sectors.

As enterprises look to embrace the stringent requirements of modern applications, standalone 5G networks are not enough. While next-generation networks can introduce up to 100x improvements in speed and throughput, the underlying cloud computing environments, without any optimization, remain the primary bottleneck to delivering ultra-low latency applications.

In this white paper, learn how the speed, throughput, reliability and responsiveness of the Verizon network, paired with the sophistication of the next generation MongoDB developer data platform, is poised to transform a variety of industries.

Cover page of the white paper Mobile edge computing: Realizing the benefits of 5G with MongoDB's developer data platform and Verizon 5G Edge

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