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The flexibility and scalability of NoSQL combined with the rich functionality of traditional databases

Work with data intelligently

Our flexible document data model makes working with data intuitive whether you’re building an app from scratch or updating one.

Put data where you need it

Control where your data is placed globally to ensure fast performance and regulatory compliance anywhere.

Run anywhere

Build a ubiquitous data layer across the major public clouds with complete deployment flexibility and seamless data migrations.

Atlas is the most available, scalable, and flexible NoSQL service, ever

MongoDB Atlas

The Global Cloud Database for MongoDB

Cloud SQL Databases

Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Cloud SQL, Oracle Cloud Database, and more

Cloud NoSQL Databases

Amazon DynamoDB, Cloud Datastore, Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service, and more

Fully managed and/or automated

On demand deployment & operations

Uptime SLA

99.995%99.9% to 99.95%99.9% to 99.99%

Rich query language

Flexible data model

Horizontal scalability for reads & writes

Available on AWS, Azure, & GCP

Join hundreds of thousands of teams already building with MongoDB

Let Atlas take care of your administrative and operational database tasks so your team can move faster and focus on building the future.
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