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Pricing competition. Endless online distractions. New selling channels appearing every single day. Your world is a battleground – equip yourself with the right weapon and rise above the competition. Join the industry innovators that are already using MongoDB in transformative ways to increase their revenue streams.

Featured Customers

Otto, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, uses MongoDB to radically improve personalization and accelerate complex catalog updates. Learn More.

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Stored the metadata for every single item for sale on

The Gap

Built an agile supply chain on MongoDB.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Delivered improved product visibility and discovered new insights about their returns with MongoDB.


Engineered complete product information using MongoDB.

Retail Use Cases

Get To Seamless Retail. Omni-Channel Retail isn’t easy. It means collecting, managing and displaying information consistently across the board. With MongoDB’s dynamic schema, you can sync what your customers see - whether it’s on the web or in the store - across channels and with your backend systems to create seamless, endless aisle shopping. With MongoDB’s rich query language and native analytics features, you can also make near real-time decisions on shipping, inventory and pricing.

Personalization Done Right. Random online ads and offers don’t work anymore. Engage your customers with the right content delivered at the right time. With MongoDB, you can build and use rich customer profiles with ease. Collect new types of data too complex for RDBMS’s to handle such as their “social footprints”. Then predict your customers’ intent and and convert them with precision targeting. Our native support for geospatial data means you can also easily pinpoint your audience based on location.

Your Store – Only More Clever. Drive more revenue by letting your technology do the legwork for you. Build out your in-store personalization engine with intelligent devices ( sometimes called “Magic Mirrors”, “Fashion Advisors” or “Beauty Experts” ) that recognize your customers and recommend merchandise based on detailed activity and purchase logs. Make sales associates omni-channel superheroes with real-time views of your product catalog to ensure that they’re informed and ready to make the next sale. Even if the store is out of stock. These solutions require a flexible database that scales. They require MongoDB.

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