Retailers count on MongoDB to turn challenges into opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

In today’s increasingly digital society, shoppers have come to expect deeply interactive and personalized shopping experiences. They expect perfect, up-to-date information about their product choices in a setting where completing a transaction is as easy as tapping a button.

Retailers need to adapt to this paradigm to remain competitive, but their legacy infrastructures are getting in the way - information is often siloed, and traditionally rigid systems become barriers to success in an environment where business requirements evolve rapidly. Delivering the omni-channel imperative can seem unobtainable.

Leading retailers are using MongoDB to turn these challenges into opportunities. MongoDB enables highly available, cutting-edge solutions that can adjust to the cyclical nature of retail. A modern database like MongoDB allows both retailers and ecommerce providers to quickly develop innovative consumer experiences that scale and adapt to the changing demands of the market.

Example Innovative Retail Solutions

Omni-Channel View of Business. Whether it’s a real-time view of inventory or a ‘single view of the consumer’, retailers must provide a seamless, branded experience across all channels. For retail organizations, the growing number of backend source systems that need to be integrated and the increasing variety of customer-facing channels (smartphones, tablets, social, etc) make this singular consumer experience difficult to deliver with conventional tools. For example, retailers absolutely need to display consistent product availability information across all channels, which can be a complex endeavour with multiple source systems. MongoDB’s flexible document data model is ideal for combining information from different systems, allowing retailers to deliver a full, up-to-date view of their business and develop single views of their consumers using data collected from their multiple channels.

Innovative E-commerce Platforms. It has been well established that sub-second delays cost online retailers millions in lost revenues. But today, fast and responsive websites are table stakes, and consumers expect much more. Shoppers have grown accustomed to e-commerce features such as rich search, full product information with real-time availability, personalized content (recommendations, landing pages, etc) based on stored customer profiles, complete views of past interactions with brands, and more. MongoDB provides the database backbone to enable innovative e-commerce. MongoDB’s horizontal scaling ensures high performance and high availability, allowing retailers to smoothly deliver and track their interactions with millions of customers. Furthermore, MongoDB’s inherent flexibility and developer friendliness give retailers the ability to iterate quickly and accelerate their time to market for new features.

Optimized Mobile Experience. Mobile devices are an always open storefront, allowing consumers to browse, favorite, save, and buy at all hours from any location. For retailers that want to always be where their customers are, delivering an optimized mobile experience is key to staying competitive in a landscape that sees disruptive entrants every year. For example, mobile platforms can be used to serve up personalized offers that incorporate customers’ geolocation data, stored customer profiles, and real-time inventory at stores in their vicinity. Retailers are turning to MongoDB, with its native support for geospatial data, to help make these highly tailored consumer experiences a reality.

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Other use cases for MongoDB in retail include:

  • Real-Time Merchandising
  • Distributed Order Management
  • Detailed Purchase Order Management
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Social Content Capture and Distribution
  • Mobile Platform Management

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