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Companies in the healthcare industry are finding themselves hamstrung by rising costs, changing regulations and complex technological demands. Traditional systems are not only expensive but also poorly-equipped to handle the industry’s twenty-first century needs for scale, cost efficiency and flexibility. Companies in the healthcare industry – including insurers, hospitals and solutions providers – are building applications on MongoDB to reduce costs, meet compliance standards and improve healthcare outcomes.

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Financial Services

Financial services organizations are reinventing their back office systems due to new regulatory pressures and increased competition in a global market. Regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act and European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) are driving requirements for greater transparency of financial transactions, in turn increasing data volumes across the business, from financial products to risk data. Financial services organizations are reacting to these demands by redesigning their core services on the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB. With MongoDB organizations can innovate at scale, and adapt to the rapid demands of the market.

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Configure Government is increasingly faced with growing data volumes and shrinking budgets, new use cases and legacy infrastructure. Traditional systems are not only expensive but also poorly-equipped to handle government’s twenty-first century needs for scale, cost efficiency and flexibility. Government entities – from municipalities all the way up to federal intelligence agencies – are building their applications on MongoDB to increase the speed of their application development and to provide higher quality applications.

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Media and Entertainment

Publishers and other media organizations engage with their customers through a diverse set of digital products. Consumer electronics have proliferated and diversified in the form of smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other new devices. Media and entertainment organizations must adapt to these changes, which present both new opportunities to engage with customers and threats to traditional business models.

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Twenty-first century retailers are facing an increasingly challenging and competitive environment. Now that customer bases are becoming global, retailers need to have scalable systems that can accommodate massive spikes in traffic. They need one system for all time zones and cannot afford downtime. They need real-time analytics and reactivity, both from a customer-facing and supply-side standpoint.

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As the telecommunications market matures, operators are looking for new ways to increase revenue, decrease churn, streamline network operations and deliver new services to monetize their networks. Telcos need to reduce their time to market for new products and services to compete with over-the-top (OTT) entrants like Google, Facebook and Amazon. They have enormous amounts of data in various forms, systems and lines of business.

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