MongoDB Schema Design

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Schema design for a database is critical. Choosing the right schema for your application impacts its performance and affects its ability to adapt to ever changing business requirements.

MongoDB is a great choice for modern applications as it offers a flexible schema design that allows you to meet the ever changing conditions characteristic of Big Data applications. With MongoDB, you can easily store and combine any type of data and dynamically modify schema without experiencing application downtime.

The data model in MongoDB is:

  • Document-oriented. MongoDB stores data as documents that tend to have all data for a given record in a single document.
  • ** Flexible. ** You can store and combine any type of data while benefiting from sophisticated data access and rich indexing features.
  • **Dynamic. ** Having a predefined schema or structure for your data is not necessary with MongoDB. You can create documents without first defining the data structure (e.g., fields, types of their values) and you can easily change the structure of documents by adding new fields or deleting existing ones.

With MongoDB, you expend less energy on setting up your data model and more time actually putting the data to work for you. Because you don’t have to define your schema upfront, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel as your business evolves over time.

Download the white paper to learn more about MongoDB’s database schema design.

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