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MongoDB: The developer data platform for C#

Get the versatility and flexibility of MongoDB Atlas with the familiarity of C#. Accelerate development with a first-class developer experience.

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MongoDB Atlas
+ C# in action

Learn how you can deploy key MongoDB Atlas features—from aggregation pipelines to data encryption—using C# syntax. Helpful code snippets are included for easy copy-and-paste.
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Connect to MongoDB Atlas with the C# Driver
Use the officially supported MongoDB C# driver to connect to your MongoDB Atlas cluster and start querying data instantly.
MongoDB C# Driver
Write aggregation pipelines in LINQ
Transform and process your data with MongoDB’s modular, multi-stage aggregation framework. Easily customize and configure your data analysis using familiar LINQ expressions and syntax.
Programmatically encrypt key data
Add an extra layer of security with client-side field level encryption (CSFLE). Enable CSFLE on the MongoClient and encrypt fields with a JSON schema, so sensitive data is never transmitted unencrypted nor seen unencrypted by the MongoDB server.
Client-side field level encryption

Boost Developer Productivity with the MongoDB Analyzer for .NET

The MongoDB Analyzer for .NET improves productivity for C# developers by reducing the pain of debugging queries. It quickly identifies when unsupported Builders or LINQ expressions are being used in your applications, enabling you to identify and fix any errors prior to runtime.

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Resources for C# developers

Whether it’s mobile games or enterprise applications, MongoDB Atlas and Realm are ideal for C# applications for all use cases.

Get started with MongoDB for C#

From Atlas to Realm, the MongoDB developer data platform is ideal for busy C# developers — regardless of what framework or tool you use.
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  • Serverless backend
  • Bidirectional sync
  • Intuitive SDK
  • Idiomatic builders
  • Capable extensions
  • Thoughtful tools