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The Query API.
Simple, expressive and unified.

A flexible, intuitive way to work with data. Deliver applications with minimal code and maximum productivity, in the language and tool of your choice.

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The MongoDB Query API gives developers an intuitive way to handle complex data workloads for any data type, including arrays, geospatial, and time series data, so they can deliver more with less code.

  • Work in your preferred language
  • A single interface for operational, analytical, and search workloads

Work easily with any data type

Get complete control over your data with the MongoDB Query API. It’s designed to handle any data structure with ease, including key-value, graph, geospatial, time series, and objects. Optimized for embedded arrays and objects, these expressive querying capabilities unlock the flexibility of the document model.

Query an array
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Boost productivity with a single interface

Unlock the full potential of data operations. Perform key operations, including indexing, querying, and updating; all through a single, powerful API. Modernize your applications by using transactional, search, and analytical queries, without the need to switch between interfaces or struggle with complex query syntax.

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Simplify the development process

Query and aggregate data using your preferred coding language. The MongoDB Query API includes drivers to programmatically generate queries and build aggregation pipelines— removing the need to learn a new query language from scratch.

Get language drivers
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Feature overview

Simplify working with data

Work with data in an intuitive, familiar way. Deliver data-driven applications with minimal code run queries, build complex aggregation pipelines, and power applications, all in your preferred language.
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Expressive querying made easy
Easily query on a range of data types including geospatial, graph, time series, as well as on nested arrays and objects, all while working in your preferred language.
Composable in-database transformations
Build modular, multi-stage aggregation pipelines to run powerful analytics. Query across collections and databases, and transform your data to surface insights and make better decisions.
Full-text search, time series, and more
Use a single interface for creating complex queries that power search workloads, time-series workloads, and event-driven apps. Save time on integrating multiple APIs or complex ETL.

Query. Transform. Analyze.

See what the Query API has to offer — and how it has empowered other organizations to transform their applications and workflows.

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  • CRUD
  • Aggregations
  • Change streams
  • Geospatial and graph
  • Full-text search
  • Language drivers