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Atlas CLI.
The Ultimate Developer Tool for Atlas.

The Atlas CLI is a unified command line interface to manage MongoDB Atlas, including Atlas Search and Vector Search, throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

Illustration with terminal commands

Programmatically create and manage Atlas clusters locally and in the cloud, create Atlas Search and Vector Search indexes, and more. In other words, work smarter by letting your command line work harder.


Familiar terminal interface

If you’re a developer or DevOps professional, the terminal is your home turf. With the Atlas CLI you get a streamlined, mouseless experience to serve as your command-and-control center for Atlas.

Terminal interface illustration
Control panel illustration

Unified development experience

Use the Atlas CLI to manage Atlas, including Atlas Search and Vector Search, from your local environment all the way to the cloud.

Programmatic resource management

Use scripts to automate common tasks like setting up local development environments, creating new users and clusters, and managing indexes, network access, alerts ingestion, logs automation, and more.

Illustration that represents task automation

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Atlas CLI

It’s never been easier to get started with MongoDB Atlas, Atlas Search, and Vector Search. So what are you waiting for?
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Create Atlas Database
Quickly create a free Atlas database locally or in the cloud using the Atlas CLI.
Create Atlas Database
Get Started With Atlas Search
Create indexes for Atlas Search so you can develop for full-text search use cases.
Atlas Search Index
Get Started With Vector Search
Create indexes for Atlas Vector Search so you can develop for semantic search and generative AI use cases.
Vector Search Index

Accelerate development

Take your development to the next level with the MongoDB developer data platform. Build and release products quickly, safely, and confidently.
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Get started for free in seconds with an Atlas database account, 5 GB of storage, as well as Search and Charts. Then add on what you need, later.
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