Atlas CLI.
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The Atlas CLI is a unified command line tool for MongoDB Atlas. It can help you create, manage, and automate MongoDB Atlas resources from your command line.

Illustration with terminal commands

In just two terminal commands, you can start to programmatically manage clusters, automate user creation, control network access, and much more. In other words, work smarter by letting your command line work harder.


Work smarter by letting your command line work harder.

Use the Atlas CLI to create and manage MongoDB Atlas resources from your command line and easily automate them using scripts.

Familiar terminal interface

If you’re a developer or in DevOps, the terminal is your home turf. With the Atlas CLI you get a terminal-first experience so you can work with ease.

Terminal interface illustration
Control panel illustration

Unified and powerful control panel

Use the Atlas CLI to manage not only your Atlas database but also other products in the MongoDB developer data platform like Search, Data Lake, and Serverless databases.

Automate repeatable tasks

Use scripts to automate common tasks like creating new users and clusters, cluster replication, managing network access, alerts ingestion, logs automation, and more.

Illustration that represents task automation
Illustration that represents autocomplete feature

Intelligent autocomplete

Get up and running with confidence using supportive features such as autocomplete and guided workflows like the interactive Atlas quick start.

What you can do with two

Right now, you’re two terminal commands away from creating your own free cluster on Atlas. Getting started has never been easier. So what are you waiting for?
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Get started
Create a cloud database in minutes using the Atlas CLI. Play around with a free cluster, launch a serverless instance (available in preview), or define a dedicated cluster configuration for your application.

Accelerate development

Take your development to the next level with the MongoDB developer data platform. Build and release products quickly, safely, and confidently.

The Query API

Build fast, relevance-based full-text search in minutes. Eliminate the need to run a separate search engine alongside your database.

Get started with Atlas Database today

Get started for free in seconds with an Atlas database account, 5 GB of storage, as well as Search and Charts. Then add on what you need, later.
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