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MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer

Accelerate developer innovation with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer for a seamless coding experience, improved efficiency, and exceptional business growth.
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Introducing MongoDB with Amazon CodeWhisperer
Experience a coding revolution with AI code assistants. Collaborating with AWS Data Science, MongoDB enhances Amazon CodeWhisperer, offering tailored code suggestions for streamlined development workflow. Boost productivity with MongoDB and Amazon CodeWhisperer.
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Boost developer productivity

Elevate your development journey with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer. Unleash productivity, speed, and innovation through AI-driven code assistance. Amazon CodeWhispererer with a MongoDB-trained foundational model streamlines development, prototyping, and experimentation, all with less time coding.
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Code with confidence

MongoDB in collaboration with the Amazon CodeWhisperer Data Science team trained the foundational model on key MongoDB use cases to give developers the best possible native experience, prompting code suggestions in real time based on your comments and existing code.
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A code mentor at your side

Get help at any level. Junior developers gain confidence knowing the suggestions from Amazon CodeWhisperer represent MongoDB best practices and syntax while senior developers see performance gains and time savings, freeing them up from boilerplate and mundane code to concentrate on refinement and performance.
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Employ best practices and AI-enhanced security

Amazon CodeWhisperer enhances code for secure, next-gen intelligent apps and streamlines learning for AWS newcomers. Proactive vulnerability identification boosts application security. AI-driven guidance minimizes errors, elevating code quality and reliability.
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Help in your language
CodeWhisperer's MongoDB training model includes Python, Java, Javascript, C#, and Go, and will work in your favorite IDE for a smoother coding experience.Learn more


Want to learn more about MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer?
How do I get started?
The best way for developers to get started is to visit our MongoDB Developer Center page.
What are the available resources to help me get started on my path to a smoother coding experience?
Visit the MongoDB Developer Community Forum - your hub for events, user groups, programs, and discussions. Connect, share, and build skills.
Where can I find code examples with my languages and tools?
You can learn more about supported languages by visiting our MongoDB Developer Center.
Where can I learn more about MongoDB and Generative AI?
You can learn more about how MongoDB Atlas unifies operational, analytical, and generative AI data services to streamline building AI-enriched applications.
Where can I learn more about MongoDB and AWS?
To learn how MongoDB Atlas allows you to run our fully-managed developer data platform on AWS with the versatility, security and high-availability you need.
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