Data Modeling for The Modern Healthcare Agency

PublishedApril 28, 2021

Healthcare, at its heart, is a data challenge. To overcome this challenge, the healthcare industry must overhaul its digital infrastructure, particularly its data game, fast. Raising the stakes is the drive towards interoperability, which necessitates change in the way healthcare data is captured, processed, accessed, and consumed.

Using the right data platform will allow you to thrive in this healthcare data-first world with ease.

Join us for this session from our MongoDB Healthcare IT Day for Public Sector, to learn how the benefits of the document (i.e. JSON) data model is often the best way of assessing how MongoDB will improve your data layer for your applications. This talk will show you how to design for the most common data modeling patterns in healthcare, usually resulting in an operational data model that is easier-to-use, transactional, and higher performing than with relational DBs.

Webinar Details:
Speaker: Marianne Myers, Senior Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Language: English

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