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Presentation Tips


  • Be precise in your slides - We will make them available on our website after the conference, so make sure they are correct and to the point.
  • Be visual - a clever picture, easy to read chart, or even simple bullet points convey clear information.
  • Use Big Font! the rooms are large and it is always hard to see from the back of the room
  • Avoid including full text such as sentences and paragraphs in your slides.
  • Know your audience -The audience is very technical, and generally knowledgeable about MongoDB.
  • We will briefly introduce all of the sessions at the beginning of the event to give attendees an idea of what sessions their time would best be spent attending. Please familiarize yourself with the sessions as well.
  • Turn off Hibernate! You don’t want your computer to go to sleep in the middle of your preso ... or your audience might as well


  • Arrive 10 minutes early for your presentation; This gives everyone time to make sure that you and your equipment are ready to go! We will have a room monitor run through a check list to set you up.
  • We will have a room monitor in each room, so if you need something, say something.
  • Staging: Presenters in SkyTop, PennTop North and South, and the Madison will be presenting from a stage and podium. Presenters in Paris or London will be presenting from a podium.
  • Projector and screen: You will be connecting with a Mac mini display adaptor to a VGA connection. If you need a different adaptor for your laptop, please bring it with you.
  • Mic's: A room monitor will equip with a lavalier (clip on) when you arrive in your session room.
  • Internet connectivity: Please do not rely on wifi for demos as we cannot guarantee it will work properly.
  • Power: we will have power running to your podium. Please make sure your machine is fully charged anyway!


  • If there is a microphone, make sure to wait for the person to get it, and use it.
  • Repeat or rephrase the question to confirm it is what they are asking and everyone hears it
  • If the question is off-topic or lengthy, table-it or ask the person to find you after the presentation
  • Move towards the person and away from the podium to engage the audience