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Product Announcements

Watch the product keynote delivered by CTO & Co-founder Eliot Horowitz.

MongoDB Server 4.2

Distributed Transactions

Makes it even easier to address a complete range of use cases with multi-document ACID transactions distributed across sharded clusters.

Client-Side Field-Level Encryption

Meet the demands of regulatory compliance and simplify the move to fully managed cloud services by selectively encrypting individual document fields, each secured with its own key transparently on the client.

On-Demand Materialized Views

Accelerate performance of common analytics queries by incrementing and enriching your result sets as new data is processed by the aggregation pipeline.

Wildcard Indexes

Gives you even more natural data modeling with great index support by simply defining a filter to automatically index all matching fields, sub-documents, and arrays within your documents.

MongoDB Atlas

Auto Scale

Atlas provides fully automated capacity management for your managed MongoDB databases. When enabled, Atlas will track key resource utilization metrics in real time and scale up or down using predictive modeling.

MongoDB Atlas Search* (Beta)

Atlas provides rich text search functionality against your fully managed MongoDB databases with no additional infrastructure or systems to set up or manage.

*Previously MongoDB Atlas Full-Text Search


MongoDB Atlas Data Lake (Beta)

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake allows you to quickly query data in any format on Amazon S3 using the MongoDB Query Language (MQL).

MongoDB Charts

Create beautiful visualizations and reports directly from your MongoDB data without extracting it to third-party tools. Now GA, you can build standalone dashboards or embed them straight into your web apps.

Mobile, Web, and Serverless Application Development

Code Deployment

Integrate development of your apps into your DevOps workflow and toolchain with application versioning and integration with your Git repos.

Atlas App Services

Atlas App Services will combine Realm, the popular mobile database and data sync technology, and MongoDB Stitch, the serverless platform for MongoDB, into a unified solution that makes it easy for you to build powerful and engaging experiences.


MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka (Beta)

Build robust and reactive data pipelines that move events between systems in real time, using MongoDB as both a source and sink for Kafka – supported by MongoDB, verified by Confluent.

MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Deploy and manage the full lifecycle of your containerized application and MongoDB clusters all within your Kubernetes environment and get a consistent experience wherever you run them: on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud.