Kafka is Coming - Previewing The Official MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka

MongoDB is happy to announce* that we are working on a native and fully supported MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka’s distributed streaming platform is very popular in enterprise architectures, providing an essential and persistent link between systems and, with MongoDB users already working with the platform, it is now time to make our support of Kafka official.

We are building upon the excellent work and generosity of Hans-Peter Grahsl, author of the community Kafka/MongoDB Sink Connector. We have been building on his work to create a next-generation connector with additional functionality and engineered to be a first class MongoDB Connector.

Among the features being developed in the new connector is support for acting as a source of data for Kafka; the existing sink connector allows data to flow from Kafka to MongoDB. The addition of a source connector allows MongoDB databases and applications to also add to the flow of information within Kafka. This opens up opportunities for applications to stream their data into the corporate flow where it can be processed, analyzed and stored through decoupled services and microservices.

One thing that won’t be changing is the license. The new connector will also be under an open source Apache License v2.0, the same license Hans-Peter Grahsl's connector was under.

The new connector, having met the Gold Verified requirements of our partners at Confluent, will be the officially supported way to integrate between the popular distributed streaming platform and MongoDB.

Through the development of the new MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka, we aim to bring everyone the optimized, performant and powerful connector they need. For more information and updates, check out the project and try the alpha release on the Confluent Hub.

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