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MongoDB 4.2: Guide to What’s New

MongoDB Server 4.2 advances the state of the art in modern transactional and analytical data platforms. It gives you ACID guarantees and sophisticated data processing pipelines at any scale, secured by some of the industry’s most advanced encryption controls. You can run 4.2 anywhere: in your data center, in a hybrid model, and with Atlas, you get the only fully-managed, cloud-native MongoDB service available on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

In this guide, we cover the key enhancements in MongoDB 4.2:

  • ACID Guarantees:

    distributed, cross-shard transactions, global point-in-time reads, and mutable shard key values

  • Query and Analytics:

    Atlas Data Lake, on-demand materialized views, wildcard indexes, and MongoDB Charts for rich data visualizations

  • Resilience and Scale:

    retryable reads and writes, 10x faster elections, and Zstandard compression

  • Enterprise Security:

    Client-side field level encryption, multiple CAs with zero downtime certificate rotation, and 3x lower auditing overhead

  • Run Anywhere:

    Atlas auto scaling, full-text search service, along with Kubernetes and Apache Kafka integrations

Download the white paper to learn more and get started with MongoDB 4.2

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