MongoDB as an embedded database

OEMs all over the world are incorporating MongoDB into their applications, hardware, and appliances to bring amazing products to market.

MongoDB’s inherent flexibility lets you deliver previously unattainable features and functionality in your solutions. Its ease of use means your developers can focus on apps and your DBAs don’t have to worry. Its cost-effectiveness means that companies are saving up to 70% when they switch to MongoDB from a relational database.

With MongoDB, you build better solutions. Faster. And for less money. Let your database act as an enabler to your success.

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Our OEM Customers

Bosch Software Innovations partners with MongoDB to support the development of applications that utilize and analyze rich new sources of complex, real-time data from sensors and other connected devices, like cars and industrial machines.
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RMS, the leader in catastrophe risk modeling, chose MongoDB as the data store for RMS(one)™, the insurance industry’s first cloud-based, open, real-time risk management platform.
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