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MongoDB Software Support Policy

Last updated: January 19, 2024. To see what has changed in this policy, click here.

This MongoDB Software Support Policy (“Policy”) is incorporated into and forms a part of the agreement between you and MongoDB with respect to your use of the Software (“Agreement”). This Policy describes MongoDB’s support policies applicable to Customer reported Issues and Errors in the Software.

This Policy applies to MongoDB Server versions 5.0 and higher. The Support Policy for MongoDB Server versions lower than 5.0 can be found at

1. Definitions. The following terms have the following meanings when used in this Policy. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Policy have the meaning provided in your Agreement.

    1.1. "Error" means a reproducible failure of the Software to perform in substantial conformity with the Documentation.

    1.2. "Issue'' means a question or concern that is not a result of an Error.

    1.3. “MongoDB Server" means the MongoDB database server.

    1.4. “Production Environment" means an environment serving your end users or customers.

    1.5. “Release Date" means the generally available (“GA”) release date.

    1.6. Severity Levels:

    Severity Level 1 refers to an Error that impacts Customer’s Production Environment, where the Software is down or seriously impaired or Customer’s production data is lost or destroyed, and there is no workaround currently available.

    Severity Level 2 refers to an Error where the Software is moderately impaired. The Customer’s system is functioning but in a reduced capacity, and there is no workaround currently available or the workaround is cumbersome to use.

    Severity Level 3 refers to an Error or Issue that has been identified but does not prevent normal operation of the Customer’s system, or where the situation may be temporarily circumvented using an available workaround. A Severity 3 case does not need to be related to a Production system. No data has been lost and the system has not failed.

    Severity Level 4 refers to non-critical Errors or Issues, including general questions and requests for enhancements to the Software.

    1.7. Versioning Scheme:

    “Major Release” means a version of the MongoDB Server identified by a change in the number to the left of the first decimal point (X.x.x).

    “Rapid Release” means a version of the MongoDB Server identified by a change in the middle number in between the two decimal points (x.X.x).

    "Patch Release" means a version of the MongoDB Server identified by a change in the number to the right of the second decimal point (x.x.X).

2. Support for the MongoDB Server.

    2.1. MongoDB will support each GA Major Release of the MongoDB Server beginning on its Release Date. Support for each Major Release of the MongoDB Server will end 30 months after its Release Date.

    2.2. All GA Patch Releases within a Major Release series will be supported in the same timeframe as the leading Major Release.

    2.3. MongoDB does not support Rapid Releases of the MongoDB Server. (Rapid Releases are only supported with MongoDB Atlas, as described in our Cloud Services Support Policy.)

    2.4. MongoDB will also support compatibility of the MongoDB Stable API with the MongoDB Server. Each GA release of the Stable API will be compatible with all GA Major Releases of the MongoDB Server that are released on or within five years of the Release Date of that version of the Stable API.

    2.5. The lifecycle schedule for the MongoDB Server can be found here.

3. Support for MongoDB Ops Manager (“Ops Manager”).

    3.1. MongoDB will support each GA Major Release of Ops Manager beginning on its Release Date. Support for each Ops Manager Major Release will end on the later of (a) 18 months after its Release Date, or (b) 12 months after the Release Date of the next GA Major Release of Ops Manager.

    3.2. MongoDB will support MongoDB-developed add-ons or extensions to Ops Manager that are compatible with: (i) a currently supported version of Ops Manager, and (ii) supported versions of any software that each add-on or extension is dependent on.

    3.3. The lifecycle schedule for Ops Manager can be found here.

4. Support for MongoDB’s Tools and Connectors.

    4.1. MongoDB will support each GA Major Release of MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence (“BI Connector”), MongoDB Compass (“Compass”), and MongoDB Spark Connector (“Spark Connector”). Support for each Major Release of BI Connector, Compass, and Spark Connector will begin on its Release Date and end 24 months later.

    4.2. The Release Date schedule for BI Connector, Compass, and Spark Connector can be found in the Documentation.

5. Our Initial Response Goals. The hours, support channels, and initial response goals for each of our currently available subscriptions are defined below.

    MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

    Hours: 24 x 7 for Severity Levels 1 and 2
    M - F, 9am - 6pm Local Time* for Severity Levels 3 and 4
    Channels: phone or web

    SeverityInitial Response Goal
    Level 11 hour
    Level 22 hours
    Level 34 hours
    Level 424 hours

    * Local Time is a primary time zone specified by you.

6. Customer Obligations.

    6.1. To enable MongoDB to provide Support, you agree to: (i) provide MongoDB with reasonable detail of the nature of and circumstances surrounding the Issue or Error; (ii) provide MongoDB with diagnostic data that is reasonably requested; and (iii) provide MongoDB with reasonable cooperation in the diagnosis and resolution of any Issues and Errors. With your consent, MongoDB may share information related to a particular support case with your other relevant service providers that are MongoDB partners in order to troubleshoot and resolve the support case.

    6.2. You must contact MongoDB Technical Support by phone (at the phone numbers listed in the MongoDB Support Portal) immediately after opening a Severity Level 1 or Severity Level 2 support case to ensure the applicable Initial Response Goal is met.

7. Support Limitations. Support is only available in English. MongoDB has no obligation to provide any Support: (i) for any software, hardware or other element of the Customer environment not provided by MongoDB; (ii) if Customer or a third party has altered or modified any portion of the Software; (iii) if Customer has not used the Software in accordance with Documentation or instructions provided by MongoDB, including failure to follow implementation procedures; (iv) if Customer is running a version of the Software that has passed its end of life date; or (v) for Beta Offerings.