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MongoDB for Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

The right data platform helps you connect your operational technology (OT) and IT data for improved efficiency and real-time decision making

MongoDB & Manufacturing: From Shop Floor to Cloud with MongoDB and Kafka

In this webinar, based upon a small-scale factory model, we will explain how you can use Kafka to collect OT data and store it in MongoDB time series collections using our Kafka Sink connector.

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Improve efficiency with real time decisions

The manufacturing industry is under constant pressure to produce more, with better quality at a lower cost. It is not just about creating great physical components or devices anymore. It is about connecting the shop floor (operational technology) with central IT systems and building the next generation “smart” and connected solution. Being able to combine the huge variety of data in a unified data platform will unlock innovative use cases that enable you to make real-time decisions, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve product quality and expand in innovative customer experiences.

How manufacturing companies build competitive advantage with MongoDB

Workforce Enablement

Enable your workforce with mobile apps for real time insights and offline capabilities.

Supply Chain Visibility

Develop a single view of your supply chain so you can support innovative initiatives, aggregate inventory updates, and act on trends in real time.

Real-Time Analytics

Combine your data across IT and OT and analyse it in real-time for faster decisions, higher OEE and better quality.

Industrial IoT Platform

Combine OT and IT data for real-time decisions, increased OEE and to enable innovative workforce and customer use cases.

Time Series

Analyze trends based upon time series information in real time for predictive maintenance and reduced downtime.

Smart Devices

The application data platform let’s you create your innovative “smart” product and connect your company with your customers.

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Success stories in manufacturing

Companies around the world are using MongoDB to scale quickly, develop new products, and increase their speed of innovation.

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