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A Database That Moves at Your Speed

Software is eating the world. And your RDBMS is eating your development cycles. And your margins.

In the most competitive industry of all, tech innovators are using MongoDB to do things they could never do before. Faster. With Less Money.

Featured Customers

Expedia simplifies travel shopping for millions of customers with their Scratchpad app. MongoDB lets them automate the note-taking process and store all of the information their customers want to come back to. Learn More.


Sprinklr uses MongoDB to meet the productivity demands of a developer team that launches 100 updates per month.


Mobile app analytics processing more than 4 billion requests a day.


Delivering all media metadata at 99.999% availability.


95% faster compatibility matching and 50% growth in paying subscribers.


Gets a better security model and powerful cluster management with MongoDB.


Analytics on more than 500,000 hosted websites.


Central data repository for global threat detection platform.


Multi-petabyte data store for Adobe Experience Manager.

Technology Use Cases

Customer Usage Analytics. You should know how people use your product in the real world. By understanding which buttons they use, what breaks, and other usage patterns you can optimize software and hardware. MongoDB’s flexible document model and native aggregation capabilities help tech innovators like Apteligent analyze user behavior to make better apps, phones, chips, networks and anything else in the stack.

Personalization. Your customers interact with you through dozens of channels. You know what they’ve done in the past. You know their likes and dislikes. And now you can start to predict their wants and needs. When they log into the app, or call your customer service reps, or walk into the store, you should know what’s on their mind. Because if you do, you can serve them better, like Expedia does using MongoDB.

Single View of the Customer. Your best customers buy many products from you, yet these customers are the hardest to serve. Their data – billing information, purchase history, clicks and other behavior data – is strewn across your organization, locked in siloed systems. Build a single view of the user across products and logins to know what they’re buying, how they’re interacting with the technology, and what they want.

How Do I Start?

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