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Our government customers are discovering how to use their data in new ways with MongoDB. City municipal services. National defense and intelligence agencies. Civilian agencies in healthcare, finance, energy, and more. They’re all doing what they could never do before.

Featured Customers

The City of Chicago cuts crime and improves citizen welfare with a real-time geospatial analytics platform called WindyGrid. Using MongoDB, it analyzes data – like bus locations, 911 calls, and even tweets – from 30+ departments to better respond to emergencies. Learn more about how Chicago uses MongoDB.

Other Government Customers

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Built a single logical federated data store for all of its different types of data.


Powers market research with globally distributed MongoDB

National Archives

Gained an efficient and scalable filing system for records​ spanning 1000 years


Making the government 'digital by default.'

HM Revenue & Customs

Built a network of microservices to cut wait times in half and save in operational costs

UK Met Office

Forecasting solar coronal mass ejections, solar flares, and other space weather events.

Scale On-Demand

Event Capture and Analysis. If you need to store and analyze fast-moving data, MongoDB is the right choice. It provides a platform for capturing a stream of event data and making it available for low latency access and rich querying. Perfect for cyber security, sensor data capture, or network & systems monitoring.

Crime Data Management and Analytics. MongoDB brings a fresh approach to the analysis of crime data. Old criminal record systems are often difficult to change and don’t allow for advanced use cases. With MongoDB, you can employ real-time analytics to identify offender-specific, geospatial, and other crime patterns. The City of Chicago combined crime statistics with other city data in order to reduce crime.

Entity Catalog. Keeping track of millions or billions of entities is no simple task. It doesn’t help that a single organization might have to deal with thousands of different entity types, including physical assets like vehicles and personnel, and intangible ones like locations and information assets. MongoDB makes it easy to store the right information about any type of entity, and access that information quickly.

Healthcare Record Management. Healthcare records can be some of the most complex and rich data that governments handle. A single data set can hold some records with tens of fields and others with thousands of fields, and contain everything from patient documents to procedure information. MongoDB can help you to aggregate, store, and expose this data easily and securely.

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