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  • MongoDB Atlas Search
  • Text Search on Self-Managed Deployments

MongoDB provides different text search capabilities depending on whether your data is hosted on MongoDB Atlas or a self-managed deployment.

To perform text search on data hosted on MongoDB Atlas, use MongoDB Atlas Search. Atlas Search supports fine-grained text indexing and a rich query language for fast, relevant search results.

To learn more and get started with Atlas Search, see:

Atlas Search also offers common analyzers for parsing text for full-text search, including support for over 40 language-specific analyzers.

For self-managed (non-Atlas) deployments, MongoDB's text search capability supports query operations that perform a text search of string content. To perform text search, MongoDB uses a text index and the $text operator.


Views do not support $text.

To learn more about text search for self-managed deployments, see:

MongoDB also supports text search for various languages. For a list of supported languages, see Text Search Languages.

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