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Organizations and Projects


Ops Manager provides a new organizations and projects hierarchy to help you manage your Ops Manager deployments. Groups are now known as projects. You can create many projects in an organization.


In the organizations and projects hierarchy, an organization can contain many projects (previously referred to as groups). Under this structure, you can:


Groups are now projects. Previously, users managed deployments by groups, where each group was managed separately even if a user belonged to multiple groups.

Existing Groups

If you have existing groups, organizations have been automatically created for your groups (now projects), and your groups have been placed under these organizations.

If your groups share the same billing settings, they have been placed in the same organization.


Deployments are now associated with projects. As before, deployments must have unique names within projects. See Projects and Edit Project Settings.


You can create teams of users and then assign teams of users to projects. See Ops Manager Access.