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Experimental feature

This feature is experimental. MongoDB does not provide support for Snippets. This feature may be changed or removed at any time without prior notice.

Bugs are not expected, however should you encounter one, please open an issue in the GitHub repository for this project.

A snippet is a script that is packaged and stored in a registry to facilitate sharing and reuse.

You can write your own scripts in mongosh to manipulate data or to perform administrative tasks. Snippets are an improvement on locally stored scripts because they can be easily shared and maintained.

This page provides a high level introduction to working with snippets. The links in each section go deeper into writing, managing, and working with snippets.

The Snippets feature has three main components:

  • Scripts are code that can be used with mongosh.

  • Packages are scripts that are bundled with metadata so they can be managed more easily.

  • Registries are collections of packages that can be shared.

There are also built in commands to help you work with snippets and utility scripts to help with packaging tasks.

The fastest way to get started with snippets is to try one of the snippets in the community registry maintained by MongoDB.

You can also create your own snippets, package them for easier management, and configure a registry to share them.

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