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Add a Database User

After creating your cluster, Atlas directs you to a page called Security Quickstart.

In this guide, you will add a database user in the first section of the page.

Time required: 2 minutes

  • A MongoDB account. See Sign Up for a MongoDB Account.

  • A Atlas cluster. See Create a Cluster.


In the How would you like to authenticate your connection? section, select the box labeled Username and Password.

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In the box underneath, there are two text fields.


Enter a password of your choice, or use an Atlas auto-generated one, by clicking the Autogenerate Secure Password button.

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Now, you see your user under the Create User button.

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If you successfully completed the procedure in this guide, you have added a database user.

In the next guide, you will continue with the Security Quickstart page to configure a network connection.

What's Next
Configure a Network Connection
2 mins

Configure a network connection to allow your users to access the database deployments in your project.

Start Guide
Chapter 1
  • Sign Up for a MongoDB Account
  • Create a Cluster
  • Add a Database User
  • Configure a Network Connection
  • Load Sample Data
  • Get Connection String


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