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While MongoDB Atlas integrates with other technologies through their standard APIs, MongoDB and partners built specific product integrations to enable MongoDB Atlas and partner products to interoperate directly and ensure a seamless experience.

This document lists examples of integrations that MongoDB and partners developed to enhance Atlas and partner service capabilities.

You can explore a collection of the existing integrations and partner services in the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog. Each integration has its own page with details about the integration and links to set up the integration. To learn more, see Explore MongoDB Partner Ecosystem.

Vercel is a cloud platform for static frontends and serverless functions. It enables developers to host websites and web applications that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and require no supervision. Vercel integrates with the Next.js framework.

You can easily use Vercel with Atlas:

Netlify is a serverless application platform based on Jamstack. Netlify hosts tools for deploying and managing static content and enables you to write serverless functions that run atop AWS Lambda and that can integrate with an application's database.

Netlify is JavaScript-centric (although it supports other languages) and is easy to use with Atlas. Applications deployed in Netlify can connect to Atlas clusters using serverless functions that use the MongoDB Node.js driver or the Mongoose ODM library.

Since Netlify functions run on AWS Lambda, use best practices for connecting from AWS Lambda when building applications that use serverless Netlify functions that connect to Atlas.

MongoDB Atlas provides multi-cloud clusters on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to support a flexible, global deployment strategy.

Integrations with these cloud providers allow applications built on MongoDB to take advantage of each cloud provider's regions and capabilities.

Prisma is a next-generation Node.js and TypeScript Object Relational Mapper (ORM) with a declarative schema and type-safe database client supporting a number of databases, including MongoDB.

Prisma provides a server-side library that enables you to build applications that read and write data to the database in an intuitive and safe way.


MongoDB supports federated authentication to allow any company with an IdP that supports the SAML standard to federate access for its employees into all MongoDB web portals, including the Atlas web interface. As a result, employees can use their corporate SSO provider to access Atlas.

Notable integrations include:

You can manage database user authentication and authorization from all MongoDB clients using a MongoDB LDAP over TLS.

Notable integrations include:

You can configure Atlas to send monitoring data and alerts to:

To learn more, see Integrate with Third-Party Monitoring Services.

Terraform by HashiCorp provides a foundation for cloud infrastructure automation using infrastructure as code for provisioning and compliance in the cloud operating model.

You can integrate Atlas into your continuous delivery workflows by using the official plugin that is verified and tested by HashiCorp. Using this plugin makes it easy to provision, manage, and control Atlas configurations as code on any cloud provider. To learn more, see MongoDB & HashiCorp Terraform.


HashiCorp Vault is a secrets management tool by HashiCorp that enables teams to centrally manage and distribute secrets and other sensitive data through UI, CLI, or API.

Simplify secrets management for your Atlas databases by using the official plugins verified and tested by HashiCorp. Using these plugins, you can programmatically manage API keys and control access by MongoDB users in your organization to reduce security risks and increase developer productivity. To learn more, see MongoDB & HashiCorp Vault.


You can integrate Atlas Vector Search with AI technologies to build generative AI and AI-powered applications. Notable integrations include:

To learn more, see Integrate Vector Search with AI Technologies.

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