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Laravel MongoDB

Upgrade Library Version

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  • Overview
  • How to Upgrade
  • Breaking Changes

On this page, you can learn how to upgrade Laravel MongoDB to a new major version. This page also includes the changes you must make to your application to upgrade your object-document mapper (ODM) version without losing functionality, if applicable.

Before you upgrade, perform the following actions:

  • Ensure the new library version is compatible with the MongoDB Server version your application connects to and the version of Laravel that your application runs on. See the Compatibility page for this information.

  • Address any breaking changes between the version of Laravel MongoDB that your application now uses and your planned upgrade version in the Breaking Changes section of this guide.

To upgrade your library version, run the following command in your application's directory:

composer require mongodb/laravel-mongodb:4.4

To upgrade to a different version of the library, replace the information after laravel-mongodb: with your preferred version number.

A breaking change is a modification in a convention or behavior in a specific version of Laravel MongoDB that might prevent your application from working as expected.

The breaking changes in this section are categorized by the major version releases that introduced them. When upgrading library versions, address all the breaking changes between your current version and the planned upgrade version.

This library version introduces the following breaking changes:

  • Minimum Laravel version is now 10.0. For instructions on upgrading your Laravel version, see the Upgrade Guide in the Laravel documentation.

  • Dependency name is now "mongodb/laravel-mongodb". Ensure that the dependency name in your composer.json file is "mongodb/laravel-mongodb": "^4.0". Then, run composer update.

  • Namespace is now MongoDB\Laravel\. Ensure that you change the namespace from Jenssegers\Mongodb\ to MongoDB\Laravel\ in your models and config files.

  • Removes support for non-Laravel projects.

  • Removes support for the $dates property. Ensure that you change all instances of $dates to $casts in your model files.

  • Model::unset($field) does not persist the change. Ensure that you follow all calls to Model::unset($field) with Model::save().

  • Removes the Query\Builder::whereAll($column, $values) method. Ensure that you replace all calls to Query\Builder::whereAll($column, $values) with Query\Builder::where($column, 'all', $values).

  • Query\Builder::delete() can delete one or all documents. Ensure that you pass only the values 1 or null to limit().

  • whereDate(), whereDay(), whereMonth(), whereYear(), and whereTime() methods now use MongoDB operators on date fields.

  • Adds the MongoDB\Laravel\Eloquent\MassPrunable trait. Ensure that you replace all instances of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\MassPrunable with MongoDB\Laravel\Eloquent\MassPrunable in your models.

  • Removes support for the following Query\Builder methods:

    • toSql()

    • toRawSql()

    • whereColumn()

    • whereFullText()

    • groupByRaw()

    • orderByRaw()

    • unionAll()

    • union()

    • having()

    • havingRaw()

    • havingBetween()

    • whereIntegerInRaw()

    • orWhereIntegerInRaw()

    • whereIntegerNotInRaw()

    • orWhereIntegerNotInRaw()

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