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Laravel MongoDB

Welcome to the documentation site for the official Laravel MongoDB package. This package extends methods in the PHP Laravel API to work with MongoDB as a datastore in your Laravel application. Laravel MongoDB allows you to use Laravel Eloquent and Query Builder syntax to work with your MongoDB data.


This documentation describes the mongodb/laravel-mongodb package, formerly named jenssegers/mongodb. This package is now owned and maintained by MongoDB, Inc. and is compatible with Laravel 10.x and later.

Learn how to add Laravel MongoDB to a Laravel web application, connect to MongoDB hosted on MongoDB Atlas, and begin working with data in the Quick Start section.

See fully runnable code examples and explanations of common MongoDB operations in the Usage Examples section.

To learn how to perform the following tasks by using Laravel MongoDB, see the following content:

Learn how to report bugs, contribute to the library, and find more resources in the Issues & Help section.

Learn about Laravel features that Laravel MongoDB supports in the Laravel Feature Compatibility section.

To learn more about which versions of the Laravel MongoDB package and Laravel are compatible, see the Compatibility section.

Learn what changes you must make to your application to upgrade versions in the Upgrade Library Version section.


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