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Process International Payments

Strong Customer Authentication

SCA is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. All payment service providers are required to build additional authentication into their checkout flow once SCA goes into effect. Customers in European Economic Area (EEA) may be required to authenticate their credit cards depending on the card’s issuer, starting September 14, 2019. If your credit card issuer requires authentication, review the following Verify SCA Compliance to continue paying for MongoDB Cloud Manager seamlessly with a credit card.

Marketing emails have been sent out to affected customers announcing the policy change and the steps necessary to comply with SCA.

Verify SCA Compliance

To authenticate your credit card to comply with Strong Customer Authentication:

Edit Payment Method

Existing users can edit their Payment Method to authenticate a new credit card or reauthenticate an existing credit card to comply with SCA. To learn more, see View and Edit Your Billing Profile.

Failed Payment Email

Cloud Manager sends an email after a payment failure with a link to your invoices. Existing users can authenticate a credit card when retrying a failed payment. To retry the failed payment from the failed payment email:


Click the Invoice Date of the failed invoice.


Click the Invoices tab.

Cloud Manager displays a list of your invoices.


Retry the failed payment.

Under the Payments section, click Retry next to the failed payment.

Retry Failed Payment

Existing users can authenticate a credit card when retrying a failed payment. To learn more, see Retry a Failed Payment.

VAT ID Number

If your organization’s billing or invoice address falls within the European Union, add your VAT ID Number on the Payment Method or the Billing Profile modal.

Cloud Manager displays the VAT field only if you select a country other than the United States.

If your country is a member of the EU, MongoDB Atlas charges VAT if:

  • You don’t enter a VAT ID Number.
  • You have an invalid VAT ID Number.
  • Your company’s billing or invoice address is in Ireland.

Contact Support

Contact support for further assistance.