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Supported Cloud Providers and Regions

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  • AWS GovCloud
  • AWS Standard

You must designate projects for either standard or government (gov) region usage upon creation. You cannot deploy clusters across government and standard regions in the same project. AWS is the only cloud provider for AtlasGov.

AWS GovCloud regions meet more stringent U.S. government security requirements. To learn more, see the AWS GovCloud documentation.

You can deploy an AtlasGov cluster in the following government regions:

  • Northwestern US (us-gov-west-1)

  • Eastern US (us-gov-east-1)

You can deploy an AtlasGov cluster in the following AWS FedRAMP Moderate standard regions:

  • Northern Virginia (us-east-1)

  • Ohio (us-east-2)

  • Northern California (us-west-1)

  • Oregon (us-west-2)


See also: Atlas documentation

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