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MongoDB Atlas for Government

Supported Features

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  • Atlas Features
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MongoDB Atlas for Government supports a subset of Atlas features and some unique features. The following tables compare Atlas features to those in MongoDB Atlas for Government.

Commercial Atlas


Free/ shared tier clusters
M10 clusters
Serverless instances
AWS GovCloud regions
Cross-region clusters
Global Clusters
Private Link for GovCloud
VPC Peering for GovCloud
SCRAM-SHA1 database authentication
SCRAM-SHA256 database authentication
AWS IAM database authentication
AWS IAM (GovCloud) database authentication
Backup for FedRAMP Moderate regions
Backups for AWS GovCloud regions
Push logs to AWS S3
Atlas Data Federation
Atlas Data Lake
Atlas Online Archives
Atlas Search
Atlas Stream Processing
Atlas Triggers
MongoDB Charts
MongoDB Realm
Prometheus Integration
[1] You cannot deploy clusters across government and standard regions in the same project.
[2] You can enable Global Writes on an Atlas cluster by creating a Global Cluster.
[3](1, 2) AtlasGov backups for AWS Standard deployments are stored in AWS Standard regions.
[4] AtlasGov backups for AWS GovCloud deployments are stored in AWS GovCloud regions.
Commercial Atlas


Atlas Kubernetes Operator [5]
Hashicorp Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider
[5] Atlas Kubernetes Operator is available on AWS only.
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