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MongoDB Atlas for Government Considerations

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MongoDB Atlas for Government is a a fully-managed cloud database for the U.S. government (federal agencies and state, local, and education (SLED) entities). When you are logged into the MongoDB Atlas for Government console, an indicator at the top of the page displays:

Image of a blue indicator reading
"MongoDB Atlas for Government"

Much of the information and many of the procedures in the Atlas documentation hold true for AtlasGov, but there are key differences. Review the following sections to understand the restrictions and limitations of the MongoDB Atlas for Government environment.

  • To create a AtlasGov account, you must purchase a subscription or be invited by an active user. Invitations are sent by email.
  • AtlasGov accounts and user sessions are subject to additional security precautions.

To learn more about AtlasGov accounts, see AtlasGov User Access.

AtlasGov supports a subset of Atlas features and some unique features.

For a list of features compared to Atlas, see Supported Features.

  • AtlasGov allows you to deploy clusters in government regions that meet more stringent security standards.
  • You must designate projects for either standard or government (gov) region usage upon creation. You cannot deploy clusters across government and standard regions in the same project. AWS is the only cloud provider for AtlasGov.

To learn more about the regions available for AtlasGov deployments, see Supported Cloud Providers and Regions.

To learn more about AWS gov regions, see the AWS documentation.

AtlasGov clusters must be tier M20 or higher. Free and shared-tier clusters are not supported.

To learn how to deploy an AtlasGov cluster, see Create a Cluster.

AtlasGov database users who authenticate with SCRAM must use SCRAM-SHA-256.

To learn more about AtlasGov database users, see Database Users.

  • AtlasGov uses TLS 1.2 to encrypt connections. This cannot be disabled.
  • Some security features have AtlasGov-specific restrictions.

To learn more about network security in AtlasGov, see Security.

You receive emails from a different MongoDB account depending on the region to which your resources are deployed and the type of communication.

  • Alerts come from
  • All other emails come from
  • Alerts come from
  • All other emails come from

Deployments in AWS GovCloud regions benefit from additional support guarantees. To learn more, see Support.

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