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Monitoring, Logging and Alerts

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You must have the Project Owner role to configure a third-party monitoring integration.


AtlasGov user roles are the same as Atlas User Roles.

See the Atlas documentation to Integrate with Third-Party Monitoring Services

When integrated with Datadog, AtlasGov uses the Datadog for Government site (US1-FED).

To learn more about US1-FED, see the Datadog documentation.

In addition to the standard Atlas logging, AtlasGov logs the username and IP address associated with all failed login attempts, temporary lockouts and failed API digest authentications.

See the Atlas documentation to View and Download MongoDB Logs

You receive emails from a different MongoDB account depending on the region to which your resources are deployed and the type of communication.

  • Alerts come from

  • All other emails come from

  • Alerts come from

  • All other emails come from

See the Atlas documentation to Configure and Resolve Alerts

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