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Set Up a Private Endpoint for a Federated Database Instance

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MongoDB supports AWS private endpoints using the AWS PrivateLink feature for your federated database instance. You can set up the private endpoints from the Atlas CLI, Atlas User Interface, and API.

To set up a private endpoint, you must have Project Owner access to the project. Users with Organization Owner access must add themselves as a Project Owner to the project before setting up a private endpoint.

  1. Have an AWS user account with an IAM user policy that grants permissions to create, modify, describe, and delete endpoints. To learn more about controlling the use of interface endpoints, see the AWS Documentation.

  2. Install the AWS CLI.

  3. If you have not already done so, create your VPC and EC2 instances in AWS. To learn more, see the AWS documentation for guidance.


You can't use your Atlas cluster private endpoint ID for Atlas Data Federation. The Atlas Data Federation endpoint ID must be different from your Atlas cluster endpoint ID, if you have one.


If the private endpoint setup is successful, you can see the VPC Endpoint ID, Region, and VPC Endpoint DNS Name in the Private Endpoint tab for Federated Database Instance / Online Archive in the Atlas UI Network Access page.

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