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The createStore command creates a store in the federated database instance storage configuration. Click on the tab below to learn more about creating a federated database instance store for the data source.

The command prints the following output if it succeeds. If the command fails, see Troubleshoot Errors for recommended solutions.

The following example uses the createStore command to create a new federated database instance store called myStore.

If the command fails, it returns one of the following errors.

Reason: a federated database instance store with the name specified in createStore already exists.

"ok": 0,
"errmsg": "store <store-name> already exists",
"code": 2,
"codeName": "BadValue"

Solution: Specify a unique name for the federated database instance store.

Reason: The specified provider isn't recognized.

"ok": 0,
"errmsg": "unrecognized store provider <storage-provider>",
"code": 2,
"codeName": "BadValue"

Solution: Ensure that you specify a valid storage provider.

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