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  • Syntax
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  • Basic Example
  • Wildcard Usage Examples
  • Multiple Data Sources Example
  • Verify Collection
  • Troubleshoot Errors

The create command creates a collection for existing stores or a view on a collection in the federated database instance storage configuration.

The wildcard "*" can be used with the create command in two ways:

  • As the name of the collection to dynamically create collections that maps to files and folders in the specified stores federated database instance store.

  • In the path parameter to create a collection that maps to multiple files and folders in the specified file path on the stores federated database instance store.

Click on the tab to learn more about creating a collection or a view.

The command returns the following output if it succeeds. You can verify the results by running the commands in Verify Collection. If it fails, see Troubleshoot Errors below for recommended solutions.

{ ok: 1 }

You can verify that the command successfully created the collection or view by running any of the following commands:

show collections
db.runCommand({ "storageGetConfig" : 1 })
db.runCommand({ "listCollections" : 1 })
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