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Real-time Data Architectures with MongoDB Cloud Manager and Verizon 5G Edge

From real-time transaction processing, telemetry capture for your IoT application, or personalization using profile data for localized venue experiences, bringing MongoDB to the edge allows you to maintain the low latency characteristics of your application without sacrificing access to data.


Integrating MongoDB with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)

In this article, learn how to set up Amazon MSK, configure the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka, and how it can be used as both a source and sink for data integration with MongoDB Atlas running in AWS.


Streaming Data with Apache Spark and MongoDB

MongoDB has released a new spark connector, MongoDB Spark Connector V10.0. In this article, learn how to read from and write to MongoDB through Spark Structured Streaming.


Saving Data in Unity3D Using SQLite

Persisting data is an important part of most games. Unity offers only a limited set of solutions, which means we have to look around for other options as well. In this tutorial series, we will explore the options given to us by Unity and third-party libraries.


Type Safety with Prisma & MongoDB

In this article, we’ll explore Prisma, an Object Relational Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB. Prisma helps developers to write code that is both readable and type-safe.


Adding Realm as a dependency to an iOS Framework

Adding Realm to a Project is how we usually work. But sometimes we want to create a Framework (could be the data layer of a bigger project) that uses Realm. So... how do we add Realm as a dependency to said Framework?


Build Your Own Function Retry Mechanism with Realm

This tutorial is born to show how we can create a retry mechanism for our functions. Realm Functions allow you to define and execute server-side logic for your application. You can call functions from your client applications as well as from other functions and in JSON expressions throughout Realm.


Build Your Own Wordle in Bash with the Data API

Learn how to build a Wordle clone using bash and the MongoDB Data API.


An Introduction to GDELT Data

What is the GDELT dataset and how to work with it and MongoDB and participate in the MongoDB World Hackathon '22


Integrating MongoDB Change Streams with Socket.IO

If you're interested in how to integrate MongoDB eventing with Socket.io, this tutorial builds in the Socket.IO getting started guide to incorporate MongoDB.


Building Splash Screen Natively, Android 12, Kotlin

In this article, we will explore and learn how to build a splash screen with SplashScreen API, which was introduced in Android 12.


Create a Custom Data Enabled API in MongoDB Realm in 10 Minutes or Less

Learn how to create a data API with MongoDB Realm in 10 minutes or less

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