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Announcing the Realm Kotlin Beta: A Database for Multiplatform Apps

Announcing the Realm Kotlin Beta—making it easy to store, query, and sync data in your Kotlin for Android and Kotlin Multiplatform apps.


Building Splash Screen Natively, Android 12, Kotlin

In this article, we will explore and learn how to build a splash screen with SplashScreen API, which was introduced in Android 12.


How to Update Realm SDK Database Schema for Android

In this article, we explore and learn how to make Realm SDK database schema changes.


Realm Kotlin 0.4.1 announcement

In this blogpost we are announcing v0.4.1 of the Realm Kotlin Multiplatform SDK. This release contains a significant architectural departure from previous releases of Realm Kotlin as well as other Realm SDK’s, making it much more compatible with modern reactive frameworks like Kotlin Flows. We believe this change will hugely benefit users in the Kotlin ecosystem.


Migrating Android Apps from Realm Java SDK to Kotlin SDK

This is a guide to help you migrate you apps that are using the Realm Java SDK to the newer Realm Kotlin SDK. It covers the most important changes that you need to put in place to use the Kotlin SDK.


StartActivityForResult is Deprecated!

Learn the benefits and usage of registerForActivityResult for Android in Kotlin.


Unboxing Jetpack Compose: Experience My First Compose App

Learn how to get started with Jetpack Compose on Android


Introducing Flexible Sync (Preview) – The Next Iteration of Realm Sync

Realm Flexible Sync (now in preview) gives developers new options for syncing data to your apps


Realm Kotlin 0.6.0.

We just released v0.6.0 of Realm Kotlin. It contains support for Kotlin/JVM, indexed fields as well as a number of bug fixes.


Realm Data Types

Review of existing and supported Realm Data Types for the different SDKs.


Realm Meetup - Realm Kotlin Multiplatform for modern mobile apps

In this talk, Claus Rørbech, software engineer on the Realm Android team, will walk us through some of the constraints of the RealmJava SDK, the thought process that went into the decision to build a new SDK for Kotlin, the benefits developers will be able to leverage with the new APIs, and how the RealmKotlin SDK will evolve.


New Realm Data Types: Dictionaries/Maps, Sets, Mixed, and UUIDs

Four new data types in the Realm Mobile Database - Dictionaries, Mixed, Sets, and UUIDs - make it simple to model flexible data in Realm.

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