MongoDB Atlas Pricing

MongoDB Atlas Instances

Instances include default EBS storage.

MongoDB Atlas Instance NameMemoryStoragePrice
M102 GB10 GB$0.04 per hour
M204 GB20 GB$0.103 per hour
M308 GB40 GB$0.247 per hour
M4016 GB80 GB$0.48 per hour
M5032 GB160 GB$0.922 per hour
M6064 GB320 GB$1.825 per hour
M100160 GB1000 GB$4.232 per hour

Continuous Backup with Point-in-Time Recovery

Backups are currently stored in the United States. Local backups are coming soon.

1st GB free per replica set then $2.50/GB/mo.

Additional Options

Instances can be configured with the following options.

Additional Provisioned IOPS Storage$0.00025/GB per hour
IOPS Hours (Speed)$0.00013/IOPS per hour
Additional Standard Storage (EBS)$0.00022/GB per hour

Data Transfer

Fees associated with MongoDB Atlas data transfer*.

AWS Data Transfer (Same Region)$0.01/GB
AWS Data Transfer (Different Region)$0.14/GB
AWS Data Transfer (Internet)$0.14/GB

*For out-bound transfers and traffic between cluster nodes.

For more information about annual pricing plans, paying via invoice, complementary products, and support plans available for MongoDB Atlas, please contact sales.

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