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Scale up your cluster and take your app to the next level

Ready to scale up? Upgrade your cluster today.

Spend more time building, less time managing your database.

With MongoDB Atlas, you can scale your databases up, down, or out in a few clicks or API calls.

Diagnose your database performance with real time metrics

See what’s happening in your cluster live so you can react quickly to anomalies. In addition to showing memory usage, network in/out, and operations, the built-in real-time performance panel highlights your hottest collections, long-running queries, and lets you kill slow operations

Scale up, down, and out with ease

Scale your database's compute, memory, and storage resources with only a few mouse clicks or an API call. If you need to scale your application to serve globally dispersed users, you can easily deploy a single, distributed database that spans as many cloud regions as you need and provide low latency, responsive read and write access anywhere in the world.

Never lose a second with continuous backups or snapshots

Restore to any point in time or query your snapshots to rapidly restore a subset of your data and satisfy your recovery point objectives (RPOs). You can also use the native snapshot capabilities of the cloud provide of your cluster. Currently available for AWS and Azure.

Don’t take it from us. Hear from these founders, developers, and generally awesome people.

Join thousands of fast-growing companies building their giant ideas with MongoDB Atlas.

Unqork is the fulfillment platform for insurance. Given the industry’s hesitation to outsource technology, Unqork chose MongoDB Atlas for their SaaS product, which had the right mix of security, reliability and speed to match the IT requirements for their Fortune 100 customers.

Gary Hoberman - CEO & Founder, Unqork

Bubble IQ moves fast. They’re shipping new features weekly and growing rapidly as they bring on more customers. They chose MongoDB Atlas due to the built-in security controls and flexibility.

Fletcher Richman - CEO & Co-Founder, BubbleIQ

Radar helps companies make better decisions with location data. When they used other managed services for MongoDB they had issues with reliability and support. Since they migrated to MongoDB Atlas they’ve had zero downtime.

Nick Patrick - CEO and Founder, Radar

Need to migrate your data to MongoDB Atlas?

We make it simple to live migrate your data with minimal impact to your application

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