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MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas delivers the flexibility, scalability, and functionality of MongoDB in an automated cloud service. It enables you to deploy, operate, and grow your data layer in the cloud with a few clicks or an API call. And with its embedded live migration utility, moving your workload to Atlas has never been simpler.

Save time, money, and effort with automated database administration

MongoDB Atlas automates time-consuming administration tasks — managing the underlying instances, provisioning for scale, patching, monitoring, backups, and security — allowing your teams to stay focused on rapidly building, iterating, and shipping new apps and features.

Setting up a distributed database in different environments from scratch

  • On-Premises

    Time to deployment: Weeks to months
  • Determine the hardware to use for database instances
  • Order hardware for database instances (& wait)
  • Order hardware for backups (& wait)
  • Order network switches (& wait)
  • Order core routers (& wait)
  • Order cables and rack switches
  • Order redundant PDUs
  • Purchase hot spares & FRUs
  • Purchase support contract for hardware Install rack gear (switches, PDUs, router, cabling)
  • Rack servers
  • Define user access policies (OS)
  • Determine which OS you’re going to use Install the OS (config mgmt or manual & wait)
  • Audit data center and retain inventory information
  • Distribute nodes across your datacenters
  • And much more…
  • IaaS in the Public Cloud

    Time to deployment: Hours to days
  • Have someone on staff familiar with setting up a distributed system in your cloud of choice
  • Build a network
  • Subnet / configure multiple zones or fault domains
  • Setup security groups
  • Define user access policies (OS)
  • Determine which OS you’re going to use
  • Pick instances (manual or write code?)
  • Test instances you’ve picked
  • Pre-launch configuration
  • Add storage / determine storage types
  • Launch instances
  • Linux configuration (user configs, SELinux/AppArmor, hostname configuration)
  • Installing automation agent on every server
  • Installing monitoring agent
  • Configure SSL/TLS
  • Configure user authentication and authorization
  • Validate that MongoDB is working
  • Using MongoDB Atlas

    Time to deployment: Minutes
  • Choose a public cloud, choose the instance type you need, hit “deploy”, wait a few minutes

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Invision is the world’s leading design collaboration platform. Using the MongoDB Atlas REST API, Invision built an intuitive chatbot that allows its teams to provision MongoDB clusters on-demand for new projects. They migrated from self-managing MongoDB on AWS to MongoDB Atlas to reduce bottlenecks and increase the overall productivity of their teams.

We’ve incorporated the MongoDB Atlas REST API into our Ansible scripts, which makes it incredibly easy for us to add new replica sets and users for different environments. We simply call out to the API and MongoDB Atlas spins up the replica sets so we don’t have to.

— Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering, InvisionApp, Inc.

Migrate from your MongoDB service provider

MongoDB Atlas is the only database service for MongoDB built and run by the engineering team behind the database. Compared to third-party MongoDB services, Atlas grants you faster access to the newest database releases, richer tools, more granular deployment flexibility, and our unparalleled expertise.

  • Faster access to new database releases

    Get access to new database versions as soon as they’re generally available. No more waiting months for the latest database features.

  • Richer tools for any stage of your app

    Take advantage of unique monitoring, optimization, and data protection tools such as continuous backups, live performance tracking, and queryable snapshots.

  • More deployment flexibility

    Some providers only let you select storage capacity. With Atlas, you can customize your deployment based on your memory, storage, and I/O requirements.

  • Unparalleled expertise

    As the engineers behind the database, we are the best equipped to support your deployment in any stage of your application. Why risk it with anyone else?

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Comparison of annual pricing

10 GB Database

AtlasCompetitor 1Competitor 2

100 GB Database

AtlasCompetitor 1Competitor 2

1 TB Database

AtlasCompetitor 1Competitor 2

Cost was a major driving force for our migration … We’ve been growing and are now storing five times as much data in MongoDB Atlas at about the same costs. [Our previous provider] was also pretty opaque about what was happening in the background and that’s not the case with MongoDB Atlas, which gives you greater visibility and control.

— James Mullaney, Lead Developer, HT2 Labs

Live migrate with minimal impact to your application

MongoDB Atlas includes an embedded live migration service that helps you migrate databases easily. It syncs your source database with your target database in Atlas and uses the oplog to keep your new database in sync with live updates from your application. Your source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications.

The live migration service can migrate your data from MongoDB replica sets running MongoDB version 2.6+. It also supports migrations of sharded clusters when the source and target database are the same version.

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