T-9: The Countdown to MongoDB World 2019

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

As MongoDB World 2019 approaches, we thought it would be a good time to look back at MongoDB World 2018 and some of the great talks that took place there and where to find similar talks at this year's essential event. It's nine weeks to MongoDB World 2019 and this is your countdown...

Before we dive in, just to let you know that Super Early Bird pricing for MongoDB World 2019 is available again this week only (ending on Friday, 19th April) so you can get in for $150. All you have to do is head to the registration page, put the code SUPER in, select the number of Early Bird tickets you want and when you click submit, they'll be turned into Super Early Bird tickets at only $150.

Now on with our first tour of the tracks:

Overnight to 60 Seconds

In Overnight to 60 Seconds we heard how it's easy to gather data. MongoDB's Kevin Arhelger did just that with his electricity and water sensor readings. The real challenge we have is how to process it. He tells us how he took a process that took all night and through careful schema design and performance optimization, reduced that down to sixty seconds. Want to hear more like this? You'll want the Application Development sessions at MongoDB World 2019.

Load Spikes, GDPR and Natural Disasters

MongoDB's Fiona Rowan and Ian Boros took a dive into Load Spikes, GDPR and Natural Disasters as part of their look at scaling an application with MongoDB Atlas, all the way from the free tier to production to global scale and national privacy laws. Want to hear more like this? Check out the Atlas sessions.

Free The DBA

There's a whole world of chat assistants, bots and smart digital helpers that can make operations so much easier and that's what MongoDB's Mike LaSpina talked about at MongoDB World 2018. His Free the DBA: Building Chat Bots to Triage, Monitor and Manage MongoDB Deployments talk looked at how to build the digital assistants to make your operations smoother and less stressful. Want to hear more like this? The Automation, Monitoring, and Backup sessions could be right up your street at MongoDB World 2019.

Twenty Billion Documents in the Cloud

HomeAway's Singaram Ragunathan and Naveen Malhotra talked about how they scaled their application and database to handle their complex process of linking together user actions in a graph with their talk on How a Real-Time Traveler Application Scaled to 20+ Billion Documents with MongoDB in the Cloud. It was just one of the business use cases that was discussed in 2018 and there are new use cases in the Business Use Case sessions this year's MongoDB World.

Spark, MongoDB and Machine Learning

MongoDB's Bryan Reinero introduced the audience to the MongoDB Spark connector in his presentation Machine Learning with MongoDB and Spark. Connecting MongoDB to Spark's streaming and machine learning capabilities opens up a whole range of new possibilities for working with your data and Bryan took us on a tour of those possibilities by running unsupervised machine learning live. If you want to dive into this subject at MongoDB World 2019, look out for the Data Analytics sessions.

These are just some of the great talks that happen at MongoDB World every year. That's it for T-9, the countdown to MongoDB World. We'll be back next week with T-8 and more news and details of what to expect at MongoDB World 2019.