Submit a Poster Session for MongoDB World

Amy Berman


Posters are a great way to present an interesting area of work and is commonplace at academic and professional conferences. We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing them to the largest MongoDB event of the year, MongoDB World 2015.

What exactly is a poster?

Think of posters as a mix between talking to your audience and publishing a paper.

  • Posters summarize the outcomes of an academic or commercial project
  • Posters include results - whether they were successful or not - and the lessons learned
  • Posters are usually made up of a set of slides that an audience can browse at their own pace
  • One of more of the authors of a poster is on hand to engage on the details

Open to any MongoDB user, posters will give you the opportunity to show off the amazing things you’ve been doing with MongoDB to a captive audience of over 2,000 technology enthusiasts.

What should you submit?

In particular we’re looking for:

  • The application of new features to old problems
  • Benchmarking results
  • Scalability testing results
  • Interesting approaches to known challenges
  • New challenges and proposed solutions with experimental findings

We’re also open to anything you find particularly interesting in the work you’ve been doing with MongoDB.

Submit your poster application now. If it’s accepted, our team will help you produce a great presentation for the conference. Good luck and see you at MongoDB World.

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