Now Available: Two-Factor Authentication for MMS Backup via Google Authenticator

Meghan Gill


Today we are pleased to announce Google Authenticator as an alternative to SMS for two-factor authentication in MongoDB Management Service (MMS).

MMS requires two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data and perform certain operations, such as pulling a restore. Users receive a code via SMS to verify their identity and enter that same code into MMS to be authenticated. The SMS-based authentication is powered by Twilio and works smoothly for the vast majority of users.

There are, however, some edge cases. Some of our customers reside in areas where SMS service is unreliable or signals are weak. Offering Google Authenticator as an alternative gives those customers peace of mind that they will be able to access their backups quickly and securely in a data emergency.

We built this feature based on your feedback and will continue to add the features and functionality that you want. Please keep the requests coming!

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