Full-Text Search

Rich text search capabilities against your fully managed databases in MongoDB Atlas. There are no additional systems or infrastructure to provision, learn, or manage.


Enterprise-grade search without the bolt-on search engines

Available in MongoDB Atlas, full-text search gives you and your users the flexibility to filter, rank, and sort through your database to quickly surface the most relevant results. No need to export your data to a search engine.

Integrated and fully managed

Rich text search capabilities without the need to export data and set up, maintain, and scale a separate search platform. Enable full-text search within Atlas, create your indexes, and you're ready to go.

Powerful data pipelines, fast

Full-text search leverages the MongoDB query language so you already know how to use it. Combine your search queries with other MongoDB operators to build powerful data processing pipelines.

Search only what you need

Dynamic indexing, which makes your entire collection searchable, gets you started fast. Need something custom? Make use of static indexes to selectively choose what fields in your collection to index.

The power of Lucene

A wide range of query operators are supported — everything from wildcard and fuzzy search to boolean and compound queries. Process text using linguistic rules with language analyzers, implement sophisticated scoring, and improve the user experience with highlighted snippets.

Try Atlas Full-Text Search

The Atlas Full-Text Search beta is currently available on the free tier (M0), shared tier (M2 and M5) and production-ready clusters (M30 and higher) on MongoDB 4.2.


How Atlas full-text search works

Configure your indexes and analyzers through the Atlas UI or via the Atlas API. Execute search queries using the MongoDB aggregation pipeline. We take care of the rest.

Global Clusters

Atlas full-text search is a free beta product available for Atlas deployments on M0, M2, M5, and M30 or larger running MongoDB 4.2.

Safe Harbor

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