Do What You Could Never Do Before

What’s been holding you back? MongoDB is the next-generation database that lets you create applications never before possible.


MongoDB can help you make a difference to the business. Tens of thousands of organizations, from startups to the largest companies and government agencies, choose MongoDB because it lets them build applications that weren’t possible before. With MongoDB, these organizations move faster than they could with relational databases at one tenth of the cost. With MongoDB, you can do things you could never do before. Find out how.

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  • MetLife's approach, timeline, and keys to success in building a 360-degree view of the customer that improved customer experience, increased call center efficiency and created new sales opportunities
  • The organizational and technological best practices for implementing a better data management strategy
  • What activities to perform and who to include at each stage of MongoDB adoption

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MongoDB is the system you worry about the least and enjoy managing the most. It lets you sleep through the night. It fits into your existing infrastructure and processes. It lets you deploy and upgrade with one click and no downtime. It scales natively and handles failover on its own. It runs in the cloud or on commodity hardware in your data center. And it saves you budget. Hear from the production engineer at Parse / Facebook.

Read our free whitepaper on MongoDB Operations Best Practices, and learn about:

  • Best practices for deploying and managing MongoDB clusters
  • MongoDB setup and configuration, schema design and indexing
  • High availability and scaling through sharding; backing up; capacity planning; and securing your implementation

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We built a database that developers love.

MongoDB makes working with a database simple and elegant. It uses a JSON data model that maps to your applications, and has dynamic schemas that let you iterate quickly. It has drivers for the languages you use to code. And it has an expressive query language that lets you get, set, sort and aggregate data without writing extra code. We even made it easy to deploy, provision, and scale.

MongoDB is easy to use, so you can ship code faster. Get a crash course in MongoDB.

Read our free whitepaper on The Top 5 Considerations for Evaluating NoSQL Databases, and learn about:

  • The differences and similarities between NoSQL databases and relational databases
  • Why organizations of all sizes are seeking alternatives to legacy databases
  • How to evaluate commercial support and community strength when selecting a NoSQL database

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MongoDB can make you a hero to the business, ops, and engineering without compromising on risk. The business gets to see its projects done faster than ever before. Ops gets a system that lets them sleep through the night and meet SLAs with 10% of the budget. Engineering gets a database that developers love to use.

And you get do things you could never do before, like turn on a dime when business needs change. See how MongoDB makes an architect's life easier.

Read our free whitepaper on MongoDB Performance Best Practices, and learn about:

  • Best practices for achieving performance at scale in a MongoDB system
  • Application patterns, schema design, and indexing
  • Designing for benchmarks; best practices on Amazon EC2; and disk I/O considerations

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Building a single view of 100M+ customers across 70 systems in just 90 days


Offering one-to-one shopping for more than 2 million daily visitors across 2M products


Creating new businesses by connecting sensors with real-time analytics

City of Chicago

Delivering a unified view of city operations on a real-time geospatial platform


Making travel planning easy, fast and highly personalized for millions of customers


Improving mobile app quality, 4 billion times a day


Delivering a custom CMS in 2 months, and a new mobile site in 1 month


Keeping 41,000 clients happy with its mobile app, personalized for over 1 million users


There are hundreds of thousands of MongoDB deployments. Here are a few of the popular use cases.

  • Single View. Real-time views of your business that integrate all of your siloed data.
  • Internet of Things. 40 billion sensors. $19 trillion in revenue. You’re gonna need a bigger database.
  • Mobile. Ship killer mobile apps in weeks, not months. Scale to millions of users. Easy with MongoDB.
  • Real-Time Analytics. Lightweight, low-latency analytics. Integrated into your operational database. In real time.
  • Personalization. Greet your customers like old friends – so they’ll treat you like one, too.
  • Catalog. Catalogs change constantly. That’s an RDBMS nightmare. But it’s easy with MongoDB.
  • Content Management. Store and serve any type of content, build any feature, serve it any way you like. From a single database.

Have another use case in mind? Someone has probably built it with MongoDB, and we can tell you how. Get in touch.


MongoDB stores data using a flexible document data model that is similar to JSON. Documents contain one or more fields, including arrays, binary data and sub-documents. Fields can vary from document to document. This flexibility allows development teams to evolve the data model rapidly as their application requirements change.

Developers access documents through rich, idiomatic drivers available in all popular programming languages. Documents map naturally to the objects in modern languages, which allows developers to be extremely productive. Typically, there’s no need for an ORM layer.

MongoDB provides auto-sharding for horizontal scale out. Native replication and automatic leader election supports high availability across racks and data centers. And MongoDB makes extensive use of RAM, providing in-memory speed and on-disk capacity.

Unlike most NoSQL databases, MongoDB provides comprehensive secondary indexes, including geospatial and text search, as well as extensive security and aggregation capabilities. MongoDB provides the features you need to develop the majority of the new applications your organization develops today.

With the launch of 3.0, MongoDB offers a pluggable storage engine API, with multiple storage engines already available. Select your storage engine based on your application requirements, and even mix storage engines within a replica set. MongoDB now provides 7x to 10x better write throughput, up to 80% compression, and 95% reduction in operational overhead


Customers are running MongoDB on 1,000+ servers, delivering millions of IOPS, and handling more than 100 billion documents in production. Learn about BIG.


You have big goals. We’re here to help. MongoDB offers software and services to make your life easier:

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