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The $maxDistance operator constrains the results of a geospatial $near or $nearSphere query to the specified distance. The measuring units for the maximum distance are determined by the coordinate system in use. For GeoJSON point objects, specify the distance in meters, not radians. You must specify a non-negative number for $maxDistance.

The 2dsphere and 2d geospatial indexes both support $maxDistance: .

The following example query returns documents with location values that are 10 or fewer units from the point [ -74 , 40 ].

db.places.find( {
loc: { $near: [ -74 , 40 ], $maxDistance: 10 }
} )

MongoDB orders the results by their distance from [ -74 , 40 ]. The operation returns the first 100 results, unless you modify the query with the cursor.limit() method.





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