This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Exit Codes and Statuses

MongoDB will return one of the following codes and statuses when exiting. Use this guide to interpret logs and when troubleshooting issues with mongod and mongos instances.

Code Cause
Returned by MongoDB applications upon successful exit.
The specified options are in error or are incompatible with other options.
Returned by mongod if there is a mismatch between hostnames specified on the command line and in the local.sources collection, in master/slave mode.
The version of the database is different from the version supported by the mongod (or mongod.exe) instance. The instance exits cleanly.
Returned by mongos if a problem is encountered during initialization.
Returned by the mongod.exe process on Windows when it receives a Control-C, Close, Break or Shutdown event.
Returned by MongoDB applications which encounter an unrecoverable error, an uncaught exception or uncaught signal. The system exits without performing a clean shutdown.

Message: ERROR: wsastartup failed <reason>

Returned by MongoDB applications on Windows following an error in the WSAStartup function, used to initialize the networking subsystem.

Message: NT Service Error

Returned by MongoDB applications for Windows due to failures installing, starting or removing the NT Service for the application.

A newly started mongod or mongos could not start listening for incoming connections, due to an error.
Returned by mongod if the datafiles in --dbpath are incompatible with the version of mongod currently running.
Returned by mongod when the process throws an uncaught exception.
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