This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Access Control Tutorials

The following tutorials provide instructions on how to enable authentication and limit access for users with privilege roles.

Enable Authentication
Describes the process for enabling authentication for MongoDB deployments.
Create a User Administrator
Create users with special permissions to to create, modify, and remove other users, as well as administer authentication credentials (e.g. passwords).
Add a User to a Database
Create non-administrator users using MongoDB’s role-based authentication system.
Change a User’s Password
Only user administrators can edit credentials. This tutorial describes the process for editing an existing user’s password.
Generate a Key File
Use key file to allow the components of MongoDB sharded cluster or replica set to mutually authenticate.
Deploy MongoDB with Kerberos Authentication
Describes the process, for MongoDB Enterprise, used to enable and implement a Kerberos-based authentication system for MongoDB deployments.